Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 15 - 18, Aug 3 - Aug 6, 2015

These past three days after vacation, I have been waiting for the DIRSIG image.  I had to do some research on the properties of an image cube, then sent the necessary data to a CIS student, who is creating a synthetic image of farmland.  The synthetic image is important because it has perfect ground truth, which I can use to create regions of interest of the correct pixels.  Then I can use these ROI's to classify the remainder of the image, then use the same ROI's to classify the non-sharpened image.  After comparing the ground truth to the classification of each, I can do some statistical analysis (such as how much more accurate NNDiffuse was than the non-sharpened image).  While waiting, I finished as much of my powerpoint presentation as I could.  Currently, I am slightly more than halfway finished with the slides of my presentation.  I also completed the final version of my abstract, which is now posted to this blog. If all goes well, I will receive the DIRSIG image tomorrow so that I can conduct the remainder of my research.

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