Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 19, Aug 7, 2015

I received the DIRSIG image this morning!  After downloading it and opening it up, I realized that there are only three possible ROI's that I can use: trees, dirt, and grass.  I would have preferred more ROI's, but for now, I will have to make the best of only three.  Several of the images were also misaligned, so I had to rotate them and stretch them to make the pixels the same size and the image in the correct direction.  Then, I randomly selected 200 pixels containing trees, 200 containing dirt, and 200 grass pixels and created a ROI for each terrain.  However, when I tried to classify the NNDiffuse image, none of the classification systems would generate anything but a preview of the classified image.  This means that the classification system is working, but it will not fully display.  On Monday, I will continue troubleshooting.

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