Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 1: Monday, July 6, 2015

Today was the first day working at the Center for Imaging Science.  We first went on a tour around the building, during which we learned about Chester Carlson, the philanthropist who donated the building.  We also visited many of the labs and learned about many of the projects that go on in the Center, in addition to the equipment used for these projects.  For instance, we saw the three electron microscopes (one scanning, two transmission), and their applications to biology and nanoscience.  After the tour, we worked in the Fishbowl to create a presentation that introduced ourselves and explained the basics of ImageJ.  We also set up our blogs.  We then had lunch, after which we broke up into groups and went to our individual labs.  In Remote Sensing (my group), Dr. Vodecek told us our projects.  My project for this summer will be to quantify the accuracy of image sharpening using a high-resolution (15 meter pixels) black and white image and a lower resolution (30 meter) color image.  After we knew our individual projects, Dr. Vodecek gave each of us a scholarly paper relevant to our topics.  Although I did not understand a large portion of the paper (named Nearest-neighbor diffusion-based pan-sharpening algorithm for spectral images), it did give me a good overview of the work that I will be doing and the resources that I can use.

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