Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 12: Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Today we took a field trip to the Mees Observatory in the Bristol Hills.  I got to the Cis building at 3:00 so that I would not exceed the maximum recommended hours per day (8), and did research on which classification method would be best for my project.  So far, the only one that I can figure out how to use  is Parallelepiped classification, which often fails to classify vegetation and city building pixels correctly.  
At 6:00, we left for Mees.  We ate dinner at Amiels (free 14" subs!) and continued driving to Bristol.  When we got there, we congregated like sheep as swarms of mosquitoes ate us alive.  I should have worn long pants.  Since it was still light out, we looked at the only thing visible--the moon.  Then, several of us went for a hike through the woods on nearby hiker trails.  Before it got too dark, we returned to the observatory and looked at stars.  When it finally did get dark enough we could see an arm of the Milky Way, a satellite, and forming stars.  Aside from being educational, the visit was a great  social event.  The summer interns exchanged phone numbers and snap chat names so that we could keep in touch during and after the internship.  Too soon, however, it was time to return home, and we packed into the bus and rolled down the hill.  

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